Ukraine National Police have been conducting raids on football clubs in eleven regions as they carry out investigations into football match fixing, reports claim. The searches happened on the 26th of June as the economic crime arm of the National Police raided match organizers, former and current football players and other unit officials involved.

About a month ago, the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov revealed that the police had setup an operation to look into organized crimes related to football. Of the 52 pro football sides, the police found about 70 per cent culpable.

Avakov revealed that the suspects have been served with notices of committing criminal offences either such as bribery of public officials and illegal influence over results of a competition. The criminal offences are clearly outlined in the country’s criminal code which the suspects clearly ignored.

Due to various categories of articles and sanctions, none of the suspects were detained as at May 22, the Deputy National Police confirmed. However following the recent raids in all 11 regions on June 26, it remains to be confirmed if anyone was detained.
Recall that recently the police were also involved in investigations into possible separatist activities of a particular team hosted by Confederation of Independent Football Associations, CONIFA.