20 Replies to “Future Enlargement of the European Union – 2017”

  1. You can't keep adding 'net takers' just to enlarge the EU. Someone has to pay the bills or it will be an empire built on sand.

  2. Eu can maybe join to Russia if Russia allows that,that would be goid for eu but i dont belive Russia will let them go cuz eu smell bad

  3. Serbia will never join the eu . Im sorry to break it you but this news is fake.Because we will never join the eu EVER.

  4. Norwey-Iceland-Ukraine-montenegro-moldova-macedonia-Switzerland.

  5. I hope the EU fails. A bunch of warmongering, diplomatically inept, cowardly and crooked morons. I love Europe, but turning every state therein into a multicultural Islamic shithole is a tragedy.

  6. Kosovo can’t be a candidate because it’s not fully recognized by te half of the world including Serbia

  7. Belarus is basically a dictatorship and until that changes its perspective is the perspective of the Lukashenko, not Belarus as a whole.

  8. Iceland would not join in a million years. We have nothing to gain from this failing union.

  9. Absolutly majorty of Georgians want to join EU! My country will be ready soon! thanks for support!

  10. Macedonia was ready to join the EU in 08. It fulfilled all the EU criteria. What happened, the Greece Veto happened. So, almost 10 yrs later the EU wants Macedonia to reform once again. The EU is such a Hypocrisy. Maybe Macedonia should thank Greece for the Veto.

  11. EU is bullcrap. We in Montenegro have average salary almost hundred euros bigger than Bulgaria 510 euros, 414 euros in Bulgaria and Juncker says that we can join in 2025. Bulgaria joined in 2007 when their salary was probably 200 euros and that was fine? No wonder support for the EU in entire region is from 80% to around 50%.It will get even lower.Our NATO membership makes hundred times more sense than this EU bullcrap. Disliked the vid with passion.

  12. Also Turkey and UK are out of the picture. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it cause they don't consider themselves European anyway. The absolute majority of Turkey is not in Europe.

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